Cafeind has been roasting and delivering the finest coffees that the world has to offer since 2003. In the fast changing world of coffee, that’s a lot of experience! We strive to deliver complete coffee supply solutions for cafe and restaurant businesses, including machines, servicing and staff training so that you can focus on what’s important. Growing your business.

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 We specialise in

                           Organic Espresso

                           Australian Espresso

                           Ground Coffee Retail Bags


 Our small team is constantly searching the coffee world for the best green coffees that we can get our hands on, then roasting in our Diedrich Roaster to deliver the best coffee experience that you can put into every cup. We have specialised in organic coffees for over 10 years and are proud of our reputation for quality and consistency. Cafeind helped pioneer the Australian espresso experience over 15 years ago and our extensive local industry contacts allow us access to the best Australian coffees being produced. 


If you’re looking to deliver a unique and rewarding coffee experience for your customers, we’d love to help!  

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